Private Institute Go Education was established to enhance, develop and increase the knowledge of students in the learning programs that are being offered. Students remember what they learn while enjoying our unique way of teaching and learning techniques.
Teachers integrate students in activities and exercises using appropriate technological equipment, offering tutoring of the highest quality leading students to achieve their maximum potential.
Private Institute Go Education and our learning programs are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Learning does not just involve constant repetition, practice and tests. During the learning process the student acquires knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. Additionally, learning involves the collaboration between teacher and student, in order to achieve the best possible result that will lead to the development of the student through maturity.

Maturity x Learning = Development

Our goal is to develop each of our students. Our programs are designed with the primary purpose of providing specialized assistance to students in order to develop the appropriate knowledge and skills and achieve higher learning objectives. During the initial contacts, we analyse the way of thinking, character and behaviour of each student and then try to help him enrich his skills on the basis of his knowledge and learning abilities.

The management and staff of the Institute consists of primary and secondary school teachers with the appropriate academic education, experience, skills and expertise needed to achieve the targets of our learning programs.
Our facilities are perfectly preserved and modernized in order to offer the best environment (stress-free) for students thus strengthening their desire for education. Each class consists of a small number of students to achieve the ideal resonance so that teachers can meet their needs in an effective manner.
At Private Institute Go Education we encourage the continuous communication and cooperation between management, staff and customers. Customers are frequently updated of their learning position and progress, and in the case of young child we constantly notify the parents or guardians of the learning status, progress and behaviour of the child via email, letter or phone call as well as through regular scheduled meetings with management and staff of the Institute.

Location : NICOSIA
Address : 6 Arch. Makariou street, Lakatamia, 2330
Phone : 22323275
Opening Hours
  • Monday :13:00-21:00
  • Tuesday :13:00-21:00
  • Wednesday :13:00-21:00
  • Thursday :13:00-21:00
  • Friday :13:00-21:00
  • Saturday :Closed
  • Sunday :Closed
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